If you don’t have Qi you’ll lose your breath.
Without Qigong, your Taiji will lack the Qi.
If you miss Taiji your Qigong can’t stand in motion.
By discarding Martial Arts you’ll lack the fiber.
Cutting the Water you will lose softness, the inner power.
Extinguishing the Fire you will lack resistance, the expression.
Miss Feng Shui and you’ll be washed away by winds.
By dismissing Healing Arts you’ll lack compassion.
Without Compassion, you’ll miss one other.

If you discard Cultivation, you’ll get lost along the ways.
By losing your Self in the worlds, you’ll miss the World.
Surrounded, you’ll miss the silence.
Alone, you’ll miss the music.
With Yin, you’ll fuel the Yang.
With Yang, you’ll vanish the Yin.
With Yin-Yang, you’ll attain harmony.
By assimilating harmony, the everlasting will stand.

Without Qigong, you can’t stand.
Without Martial Arts, you can’t stand up.
Without Taiji, you can’t reconcile.

Within Cosmology, you’ll find the precepts.
Within Healing Arts, you’ll prevent yin decay.
Within Alchemy, you’ll transform yang decay.

Detach, to get lighter.
Hold, to root.
Meditate, to move within.
Act, without missing.
Don’t search the Way, stay with it.
Going is the Way.
Cultivate, grow and go along.

Fotografia por Vasco Daniel © 2013. Em em Wudang (China) no templo daoista dos Cinco Imortais